Digital TV 2050

Digital TV 2050

Digital TV 2050 is a program that lets you watch TV programs through Internet
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Digital TV 2050 is an online TV streaming app for Windows. It allows you to watch some channels that are broadcasted on the Internet on your computer. It is a free application that can be upgraded to gain access to some other features and a better list of channels.

In terms of design, Digital TV 2050 looks very unique. The main window where video is played is very large, and below there are the video controls. There is a button called "Channels" that opens a list of all the available channels. When I tried this app, most of the channels grayed out. Those that seemed to be available were in white. So I wasn't even able to get those channels that seemed to be available to play. Most of them tried to connect, and I saw a connection bar filling up at the bottom of the screen, but I got no video at all.

There is support for online radios. These are grouped by country of origin. The radio channels available seemed to play just fine, but there were channels that weren't available. This is probably a strategy to get people to buy the full version.

All in all, as a TV streaming app, Digital TV 2050 just didn't do it for me. I couldn't get video from any of the 5 or 6 channels that I tried. And there weren't many available channels to start with.

José Fernández
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  • Good radio channels


  • Not many video channels
  • Most channels didn't work
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